Saturday, November 10, 2012

September and October happenings

Playing with Kamaya in his room with all his toys
In the car on our way home after church
Making sushi with Tori when she was staying with us while mum was touring europe :)
At playgroup, he is playing on this sesaw whale thingy and he just loves it
Avondale Ward Trunk or Treat Oct 20th 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

August shenanigans

Sneaking some kisses for mummy
A birthday present he recieved from his secret birthday buddy from the August Mummies 2011 group :-)
In his pj's
He got his arm stuck in the washing basket lol
First bruise, he was running towards the tv and tripped on his own feet and fell, as he fell his head (cheek) smacked the corner of the tv cabinet :( he was very very upset afterwards so I gave him some pamol. He had been having just one nap during the day since July, he no longer has 2 naps a day now, at this stage his naps were from 10am until 1pm.

Playing catch up!

Its been just over 5 months since I posted in here! I will have to go from month to month because so much has happened I can't condense it all down to just one post. This may take awhile! May 2012: We use to crack up at the positions we found him in the mornings when we went to get him lol, this is just one of them :p
Waking up after his Sunday arvo nap :)
He loved to push his walker around! He started walking around this time (10 months) Im pretty sure this sped up the process.
He had a fascination with chords, especially the laptop chord!
July 2012 - Our first family trip to the temple!
After church hanging out in his walker (even though he can walk lol)
At the visitors centre
Visitors centre

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Cheeky Monkey!

Kohl is now 9 and a half months (almost 9 and three quarters) He is saying Dada and Gahh and Grrrrrrr. He had his 9 month plunket check up two weeks ago and he weighed 11.08kgs and was 72.5cm's long. He is growing and developing so fast I can't believe he will be a year old in a couple more months! When I look at his newborn pictures and him now I see how grown up he is, his hair is a lot longer and thicker (and curlier!) he is so much bigger and a lot more mobile! Here are some pictures I took a few weeks back on my day off and we were about to go out for a walk, he is wearing his swandri and beanie all rugged up for the cold outside weather. He loves to stand, he is so strong he has been standing for a couple of months now. He took his first two steps a week ago. He also loves kfc, the chicken is nice and tender for him to eat, I take the skin off first. This is him and his grandma at a hotel by the airport just saying goodbye before they fly over for kelly's wedding (in april). I thought I would add a few pictures of him and his aunty Shell, this is us sitting in General Conference, he was having a good time with Aunty Shell and her Ipad. Also loved eating her greenstone she had around her neck. This is something he loves to do, push his walker around. Nap time after church :p And he loves to chew on cords, this is one of his favourites - the laptop cord. One morning about a month or two ago I was in the bathroom washing my face and I hear him crying in the lounge, it didnt sound like a normal cry so I rushed out and saw he had the laptop cord in his mouth. He was still crying uncontrollably and I could see he had the end of it directly on his tongue. I had to use a lot of force to pull his hand free of the cord and get it out of his mouth. He cried for another minute but settled down when I took carried him around the house and took him outside for a little bit. I think he got an electric shock. I rang the plunket sickline and they talked me through some signs that I need to watch out for and if any thing weird happens to take him straight to the doctors. He has never stuck the laptop cord directly in his mouth again, altough he still chews on the cord if he can get his hands on it (just not the end of the cord that connects to the laptop.) He had a bad outbreak on his face the other week, I asked becks my boss (she is a naturopath) about it because she has seen the state of his skin a few days earlier cos I had to drop by work for awhile to do a few things on my day off and brought kohl with me. She said to avoid sausages, dairy and to check the labels on processed foods for ingredients that ended with the number 1000 or 600. The culprit for his outbreak on his face was sausage, I had been giving it to him for a few dinners that week and also one lunch. So first change - quit giving him sausages. Second change - changed his formula from Nurture original to Nurture plus (as it has half the whey and casein as Nurture original). Third change - no dairy. His skin has cleared up so much! Its looking the best its ever been (before after going on formula). He has porridge and puree'd apples for brekkie, banana for morning snack. Organic babyfood (mango or vanilla rice pudding or other fruit puree, sometimes pasta bolognes). And feijoa's or grapes for afternoon snack, then mashed up kumara or pumpkin with rice and whatever meat we are having for dinner, if we arent having meat I will just get some frozen meat I have put away for kohl in the freezer. He is going to sleep at around 6pm or 6.30pm and waking 6am or 6.30am. He has a 2-3 hour nap from 10.30-12.30, and thats about it until bedtime. I am loving the solid sleep at night, but maybe not the early morning wake up. My lil man is just awesome! Everyone adores him, he is always smiling and such a social little wee dude. The primary kids all love him and want their turn to hold him. He brings so much joy into our life I love my cheeky monkey!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kohl 8 months and 1 Week Old

Kohl is 8 months and 1 week, he is such a happy baby, such a pleasure to have around. I went to the bank today, I was with the teller and I didn't have the stroller with me so I was holding Kohl, he got a bit too heavy to hold so I put him in the play-pen which was across the other side of the room and he was happy just playing for 10-15 minutes without me, before I left the bank teller said I had such a good baby.
This is taken over Easter weekend, Kelly and Shell's sent a huge package full of Easter eggs, soft toys (bunnies of course) and clothes. Kelly wanted me to take a picture of Kohl wearing his new underwear so here he is showing off his new undies.
This is him and his new jacket that also came in the package sent by Shell's and Kelly.
These bunny ears also came in the package.
He is having 4-5 bottles a day as well as 3 meals, breakfast (he loves his apples and I just mix a bit of porridge or museli), for lunch he is currently only having a jar of vanilla rice pudding or mango rice pudding, its the only thing he eats easily. For dinner I bake up a whole lot of vegies once a fortnight, put them in small snack size ziplock bags, label them and stick them in the fridge. He will have the mashed up vegies with whatever meat we are having that night. I will make up bags such as kumara & sliverbeet, Pumpkin & broccoli, Pumpkin & broccoli & pasta with a spoon of tomato paste/sauce. Kumara and broccoli. He loves pumpkin & rice & sausage, he also likes chicken (if its tender enough).
My heart melts when I crouch down and hold out my hands for him to come to me if he is across the room and he puts on a huge smile on his face and quickly crawls over all the way into my arms nawwwwwwwwwww. Oh and did I mention he answers to his name, well not exactly answer, but when I call him he looks and knows I am talking to him hehe. All his smiles and giggles and playfulness makes up for his random early morning wakeups (4am-5am) I make a bottle and give it to him, he goes right back to sleep and wakes back up at 7.30am as usual to start the day.